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Our Services

Booking Keeping:

  • Prepare and maintain the basic books of accounting.
  • Cash books, Day books, Journals and Ledgers.

Financial Accounting & Account Preparation

  • Preparation of Final and Statutory Accounts for sole traders,
  • Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Companies.
  • Filing of the Final Accounts and Returns to Companies House.

Budgeting & Forecasting:

  • Preparing forecasts and budgets for business start-up.
  • Constant periodic review of the budget and forecasts for funds raising and management purposes.

Management Accounting:

  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly preparation of management accounts.
  • Preparation of variances for the various costs for effective control.
  • Analysis of the variances for management.

Payroll & PAYE:

  • All PAYE and payroll matters. Preparation of weekly or monthly
  • Payslips for Employees and Directors.
  • Preparation pay and deduction statements for subcontractors.
  • Preparation of CIS monthly and annual returns for contractors and their online submissions to HMRC.


  • Prepare and provide excellent VAT services to clients.
  • Advice and apply the suitable VAT Scheme for the clients businesses.
  • Compute the correct VAT due using the right scheme.
  • Submit the approved completed VAT return online on behalf of clients.

Personal Income Tax:

  • Prepare clients self-assessment returns and submit them online.
  • Assist and advise clients on various personal tax matters including Tax investigations, enquiries and interventions.
  • Tax Refunds and Repayment claims for clients including subcontractors tax repayment claims.
  • Represent clients on dispute resolutions with H. M. Revenue & Customs.
  • Tribunal Representations and case handling.

Business Income Tax:

  • Assist clients in their business tax compliance.
  • Compute the business tax liabilities and file the business tax returns online.
  • Assist and advise client business on various tax issues including tax investigations, enquiries, and interventions.
  • Represent the business in all matters of taxation including representation at the Tribunals.

Corporation Tax:

  • General advice and assistance in compliance with corporation tax matters of the company.
  • Assist in computing the correct amount of corporation tax liabilities and setting off the right amount of
  • deductions for the company for the year including CIS set offs.
  • Filing the corporation tax returns online for the company including joint filing with companies house.
  • Represent the company in its corporation tax disputes including representations in enquiries, interventions and investigations up to the Tribunals.

Capital Gains Tax:

  • We provide sound advice in Capital Gains Tax and compute the tax due from chargeable Gains that arise from the Disposal applying the relevant reliefs.
  • Represent clients both Residents, Ordinanry Residents, Domiciles and Non-Domiciles in their Capital Gain affairs with HMRC. Personal and Non-personal property disposals including shares and other properties disposal and compute the tax on the gains therefrom.

Inheritance Tax:

  • Provision of efficient handling of Inheritance Tax Planning with full considerations of the Resident, Ordinary Resident and Domicile concepts to compute the right amount of tax.
  • We explain the concepts and their tax implications clearly to the clients for their full understanding.
  • We assist the clients to plan the best possible way to transfer their assets for the best tax avoidance and help to compute the resultant tax liability.

Business plans:

  • We assist clients to prepare forecasts and data for preparing their business plans. Help to prepare the business plans for start-ups and for finance or fund raising purposes.
  • We assist client in their total financial management and budgetary control. Preparing the budget and advise in setting up control to monitor and adhere to the budget.
  • Help to identify various cost centres for the business for effective administration and management of the business.

Computerised Accounting Systems:

  • We prepare accounts using fully computerised systems including IRIS and Taxcalc.
  • We assist and guide clients with the installation of the systems and can act as an agent in acquiring any accounting and tax systems. Inportation of data from client accounting systems for use in preparing the accounts and submitting to both Companies House and HMRC.
  • We prepare accounts compliant with the IXBRL format and joint filed with both Companies house and HMRC.

Company secretarial services:

  • Company formations including of shelf companies. Filing company returns and accounts online to Companies House. Use of Company Registered Office address and Single Alternative Inspection Address.
  • Filing company change of Director or Secretary details with Companies House Online.
  • We assist in restoring struck-off companies to the company register and handle the whole Administrative Restoration process until the Company is fully restored onto the Companies Register. This includes the application to the Treasury Solicitors for the Waiver Letter and application to Companies House for the Administrative Restoration of the Company.